Hangul 2020

Hangul 2020

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  • Category: BusinessApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V2020 – 2024-05-16
  • Developer: Hancom Inc.
  • Files: 한컴오피스2020.EXE (1.09GB)

Powerful features, national standard .HWP file format office program

Hangul 2020 is a document program provided by Hancom Office. The basic document format is .hwp, which is the Korean national standard document format. You can create simple tables and charts, and insert images for more complete document editing.

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Hangul 2020 Main Function

Standard document

The .hwp format supported by Hangul 2020 is a standard document format provided by the country. It’s available natively everywhere.

Dedicated viewer provided

When using hangul, a dedicated viewer is provided. You can review documents and write comments in a comfortable environment.

Classification by tag

Tags can be used for each document and content. You can find information faster.

Easy table creation

You can create tables by dragging and dropping. The created table can be used to create labels or insert various information.

Clean interface

Users can split the task pane while working on a document. Size can be adjusted.

Additional information

You can insert images, shapes, charts, etc. into the document you are editing. More information is available.

Various versions

Supports various operating systems including Windows, macOS, and web version. It also supports a mobile version so you can edit and review documents from anywhere.

Various plans

You can purchase it or use it through a subscription system. The subscription system allows you to use Hancom Docs.

Fast sharing

Documents provided by Hangul 2020 can be shared anywhere. Review and collaborate with colleagues.

Custom theme

You can specify the text and background within the program to your desired color. You can use a dark theme to reduce user eye strain.

Hangul 2020 Guide

Hangul 2020 Basic lecture

Hangul 2020 FAQ

Is Hangul 2020 free?

30 days free for first use. You can then proceed with product activation or use it for free on the web version.

What is the price of Hangul 2020?

Individuals can use the newly added plan for 6,900 won per month. The business plan offers more drive capacity for 10,900 won per month.

Hangul 2020 trial version has ended. How do I authenticate the product?

You can activate the product with a dedicated license key. It is also available through a modified monthly plan.

Hangul 2020 Language support

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