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3D Mark


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  • Category: UtilitiesApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V2.28.8217 – 2023-12-21
  • Developer: UL LLC.
  • Files: 3DMark-v2.28.8217.exe (2.5GB)

Graphics Card and PC Performance Comparison

3D Mark is a benchmark program that compares and analyzes CPUs and graphics cards and displays them as scores. You can check the performance of your PC’s major devices through scores, making it easy to compare and analyze.

3D Mark Download
3D Mark Download Windows

3D Mark main function

  • This is a program that benchmarks major devices such as CPU performance and graphics cards and displays scores.
  • You can check the best graphics card device using the graphics card scorecard provided by the app itself.
  • Comparing popular graphics cards and processors can help you choose a device for your new PC.
  • You can use the demo version to check basic device performance, or purchase a paid version for more detailed results.
  • This program is provided by the Steam platform and requires a dedicated launcher for installation.

3D Mark How to use?

  1. Program and PC performance tests
  2. Check the graphics score
  3. Check hardware monitor temperature
  4. Graphics Card Scorecard Comparison

3D Mark Language support

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