Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

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  • Category: DesignApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V25.1 – 2023-12-03
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Files: adobe_photoshop_install.exe (326MB)

Stylish design, high-quality photos

Adobe Photoshop is a graphic tool that allows you to edit and composite images. You can correct specific areas and use shortcut keys to quickly work on your design.

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Adobe Photoshop Key Features

  • Photoshop is the world’s most popular all-in-one graphics tool that lets you create sensational artwork.
  • You can easily correct the color or specific area of ​​a photo, and composite or simply edit images.
  • It is a design tool for experts, and beginners can learn through certain tutorial guides.
  • You can edit images or perform simple painting tasks with dedicated brushes and more.
  • It can be used on PC, tablet, and mobile, and you can sync presets using your Adobe account.
  • Various shortcut keys are provided to help you work faster.
  • Performance optimization methods may vary depending on system specifications.

Adobe Photoshop How to retouch portraits

  1. Pixel Liquify – Body Correction
  2. Correct skin tone and remove blemishes
  3. Brightness, shade, color correction

Adobe Photoshop FAQ

How do I cancel Adobe Photoshop?

1. Access Adobe Plan and select the plan you want to cancel.
2. Select End of Service – Cancel Plan.
3. Enter the reason for cancellation and proceed to cancel the plan.

An error occurs when downloading Adobe Photoshop.

If an error occurs during the installation process, you can install Creative Cloud first and then download Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Language support

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