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Google Chrome

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  • Category: BrowserApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V127.0.6490 – 2024-06-10
  • Developer: Google LLC.
  • Files: ChromeSetup.exe (8.3MB)

Browser with fast and powerful security

Chrome browser is the world’s most used browser developed by Google. When you log in with your Google account, you can use various Google services. It is a very fast and highly secure browser. The simple interface makes it easy for anyone, even first-time users.

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Google Chrome Main Function

Improved productivity

The Chrome browser is fast and simple. Anyone can use it easily. It has the fastest speed of all browsers. You can improve work efficiency through Google services.

Tab Management

Manage your tabs efficiently! While using your browser, you can do things like pin tabs, save your favorite sites, and more.

high compatibility

You can use various Google-linked apps such as Google Mail, Google Docs, and Google Translate. You can also access your Google account.

media management

Manage the sound of the video being played. You can fully configure your media usage through the in-browser video player pop-up.


Protect your privacy and data within your browser. Customizable for a secure browser experience.

usage environment

You can configure various custom interface settings such as dark mode, address bar, and bookmarks tailored to your theme.


If you set up synchronization through your Google account, you can synchronize all information in the browser on any device, including mobile and tablet.

safety check

It provides various security notification functions such as checking for updates within the Chrome browser, setting a password, and setting a protected mode.

User convenience

Get regular password updates, news feed, calculator, and more. You can increase your work efficiency by using the browser.

Various versions

We offer various versions including beta version, enterprise version, and developer version. Use it according to its intended purpose!

Block harmful sites and ads

Chrome browser has a function to automatically block harmful sites or pop-ups. Additionally, you can block harmful advertisements using the adblock function.

Additional plugins

A variety of extensions are available through browser-specific plugins. There are also plugins available only in the Chrome Web Store, such as translator, remote desktop, and VPN service!

Google Chrome How to install

Google Chrome Browser’s download is a beta version and a variety of operating systems. If you are difficult to download chrome browser during Windows users, please refer to the following article:

  1. Run the installation file according to the provided link.
  2. You can proceed with the download right away.있습니다.
Chrome download method 1
  1. Once installation is complete, you can use the browser right away.
Chrome download method 2

Google Chrome How to disable pop-up blocker

  1. Launch the browser and go to settings.
  2. Privacy & Security – Select Pop-ups and redirects.
  3. In Allow pop-ups, enter the website address you want to unblock.

Google Chrome FAQ

How can I set up Google Chrome browser dark mode?

The dark mode supported within the browser can be applied by clicking the “Enable Dark Mode” button in the upper left corner.

How can I update my Google Chrome browser?

Working on our own updates. You can use the updated browser automatically when using your browser. If you want to update manually, you can download it again and proceed with the update.

Google Chrome Language support

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