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  • Category: SocialNetworkingApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V4.1.0.3977 – 2024-07-03
  • Developer: Kakao Corp.
  • Files: KakaoTalk_Setup.exe (78.6MB)

Free messenger service to connect people and world

KakaoTalk PC version is a messenger app that allows you to use free chat and voice chat features with only a phone number without signing up. Emoticons and gifts provide a variety of services. Various lifestyle apps such as Kakao Shopping, Taxi, and Navigation are available.

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Kakaotalk Main Function

Various Devices

KakaoTalk is easy to use anytime, anywhere. It is used in various devices such as PC version and mobile version. In addition, it is possible to link each device.

Profile Setting

Express your own profile setting! You can decorate your profile with a variety of effects such as background music and stickers.

Conversation Backup

You can send out a conversation with your friends to your backup file. Synchronization of mobile conversations with PC is possible.

Various Themes

You can apply KakaoTalk -only themes. The applied theme can be changed at any time. It also supports the dark theme that will relieve the tiredness of the user eye!

Multi Profile

You can show a variety of profiles for each user. You can easily manage your profile by setting multi -profile.

Open Chatting

Participate in the open chat of various topics! You can get multiple information and friends. You can also make your own open chat and become a chief.


Try a variety of emoticons! You can have fun and active conversations. You can buy emoticons through emoticon shops or use unlimitedly through plus functions.


Call with your friend! It supports the group and video calls that are not broken. Voicetalk, Facetalk Call comfortably!

Multimedia Sharing

You can share photos, videos, voice recording, and business PDF files. You can easily share with drags and drops.


Send a gift to your friend! Many gifts are available. You can also check the wish list that your friend wants to receive. Unintended gifts can be refunded at any time.

Friend Recommendation

Automatically recommend a friend who registered me and a close friend with me. Check out a variety of friends!

KakaoTalk Drive

You can collect photos, videos, and recording files that you shared with your friends. You can also save larger files through Talk Drawer Plus.

Quietly Leave

The group members can go out without knowing in the group chat room I want to go out. Now go out of unnecessary group chat room!

Block and Profile Closed

Anyone I hate can block it anytime. If you don’t want to show my profile, you can set up your profile.

KakaoTalk Wallet

This is a service that can keep my information. Can serve as my ID card, and I can store electronic documents and financial information.

Kakao Service

Many Kakao services such as Kakao Navi, Kakao Taxi, and Kakao Bank are available. All services require Kakao wallet.

Kakao Shopping

Can shop in the app. You can check the products for each keyword. Also watch shopping broadcasts or check your special price.

Kakaotalk Pung

The Pung feature allows you to share my daily and various information. The shared pung will disappear after 24 hours.

Kakaotalk How to check blocking

  1. Check recommended friend.
  2. Check through Kakao remittance function.
  3. Invite it to a group talk room and talk.

Kakaotalk FAQ

When downloading the KakaoTalk PC version, an installation error occurs.

If an installation error occurs, run the installation file with administrator privileges and proceed again. If you continue to have a problem, proceed with the installation after rebooting. If the error code is printed, check the guide page.

Can I use the Gifticon in the KakaoTalk PC version?

Gift service can only be used on mobile. You need to agree to use your wallet service.

How can I set the multi -profile in the KakaoTalk PC version?

How to set multi -profile is:

1. First run the app and connect to the left wheel shape.
2. Select Multi-Profile Management.
3. Select the desired multi-profile and press OK.

What is the price of KakaoTalk emoticon plus?

It is 3,900 Korea won per month. The first month is free and offers a variety of features such as emoticons unlimited downloads, automatic recommendations, and limited edition emoticons.

Kakaotalk Language support

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