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  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V9.0.65 – 2023-12-31
  • Files: LDPlayer9_kr_1002_ld.exe (2.5MB)

Excellent performance, stable emulator

The LD player is an emulator that can use mobile games as a PC. Easy key settings, manipulation, high-definition gameplay, stable and powerful security. In addition, through optimization, you can use various features in your app.

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LD Player Main Function

Fast speed support

Basically, it is a very light app player. You can play mobile games in a comfortable environment.

Various versions

Different versions are available depending on the PC you are using. If you have the latest version of a high-spec PC, you can use version 9, if you have a medium-spec PC, you can use version 5, and if you have a low-spec PC, you can use version 3.

Optimization settings

Optimization can be done through the player’s own settings. Settings may vary depending on single mode and multi mode. Gaming optimization settings are available.

Multi-instance support

It offers various multi-instances. This allows you to play multiple games in one app player.

Gamepad support

Game play is possible with gamepad and joystick. You will need the latest version of the player for compatibility.

Screen recording

You can record the screen while playing. You can easily start and stop recording.

Use virtual key

Supports customizable virtual keys. Easier gameplay.

Use one-key macros

It provides a key macro function that allows you to group frequently used keys together. You can use various commands together.

LD Player How to install

  1. 1. First, run the LD player installation file.
  2. Click the “Install Now” button and proceed with the installation.
How to install LD Player
  1. After installation is complete, click the “Start Now” button to go to the app screen.

LD Player Guide

LD Player How to optimize your game

  1. Game Settings – High Frame Mode Settings
  2. Frame rate 60FPS, vertical sync settings
  3. Turn on ASTC texture support
  4. Advanced Settings – Set resolution to fit your screen
  5. Check Disk Management and Cleanup

LD Player FAQ

Stuttering occurs when using LD Player.

If stuttering continues while using the program, you can resolve the problem by adjusting the frame rate.

What can I do with LD player optimization?

App player optimization can be done in the settings within the program. For detailed optimization methods, please refer to the guide tab in the text.

Do I have to do the LD player virtualization (VT)?

Virtualization operations vary depending on your PC environment and may already have the virtualization feature turned on. It is recommended that you go to virtualization after confirmation.

LD Player Language support

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