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  • Category: MultimediaApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V9.1.1 – 2023-11-10
  • Developer: Twitch Interactive, Inc.
  • Files: TwitchSetup.exe (56.8MB)

Watch broadcasts while communicating in real time with various users around the world

Twitch is a broadcasting platform with users all over the world. Broadcasting users can broadcast broadcasts, communicate in real time with a variety of viewers, and engage in entertainment activities. You can watch game broadcasts on a variety of topics, including strategy, FPS, and e-sports.

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Twitch Main Function

  • Twitch is a global broadcasting platform. The global broadcasting share is 70%, and you can meet world-class broadcasters.
  • You can create a personal channel and broadcast. You can broadcast on a topic of your choice and communicate with viewers.
  • There are a variety of topics. Select the topic you want and watch the broadcast, including games, talk, vlogs, documentaries, and mukbang!
  • You can sponsor streamers. If it’s a stream you like, a sponsor can become a supporter of the streamer and help produce a high-quality stream.
  • It offers a variety of options, including replaying broadcasts and viewing highlight scenes.
  • The interface is simple. Anyone can use it easily, even for the first time.
  • You can check the real-time broadcast rankings. Join popular broadcasts and have fun!
  • Supports dark mode. It reduces eye strain and allows you to watch broadcasts comfortably.

Twitch How to install

If there is an error installing the PC version, please refer to the following installation method.

  1. Run the guided installation file and click the Install button.
  2. You can access all content after logging in to your account.
How to install Twitch on PC

Twitch How to use 1080p quality

Twitch FAQ

How can I improve Twitch video quality?

You can improve image quality through certain methods. The highest quality on the Korean server is 720p, and a server change is required to increase it further.

How do I access the Twitch Community?

There is a bulletin board called Twitter for each streamer. For more information, please check the Twitter official website.

Twitch Language support

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