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  • Category: GameApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V1.20.41 – 2023-11-29
  • Developer: Mojang Studios
  • Files: MinecraftInstaller.exe (32.2MB)

Video games with a high degree of freedom

Minecraft is a sandbox-type game where you can enjoy a variety of content in a square world. It pursues a very high level of freedom and gives players unlimited access to tons of content.

minecraft download
Minecraft Download Windows

Minecraft Main Function

  • Minecraft is a sandbox-type game where you create and survive. All it takes is the player’s creativity.
  • There are no career restrictions, such as becoming a leader, hunter, or gatherer. Players can choose from a variety of activities, including farming, hunting, and adventuring.
  • The map that players can travel through is very vast. You can freely explore all maps.
  • There is a wide variety of items, blocks, food, ingredients, NBT, and difficulty levels. You can also customize your character with exclusive skins.
  • When playing the game or creating mods, you can use specific commands as needed.
  • You can use Hamachi to open a multi-server and enjoy with your friends.

Minecraft Specifications

CPUIntel Core i5-4690
OSWindows 7Windows 10
Graphics cardGeForce 400 Series
Radeon HD 7000
GeForce 700 Series
Radeon Rx200 Series

Minecraft How to use multi

  1. Download server software
  2. Server capacity and file name settings
  3. Enter command

Minecraft Language support

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