Millie Viewer

Millie Viewer

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  • Category: EducationalApplication
  • OS: Windows
  • Latest Version: V5.15.0 – 2023-10-31
  • Developer: Millie
  • Files: millie-5.15.0.exe (270MB)

Ebook viewer that allows you to read unlimited books

Millie Viewer PC is a book rental and eBook reader program. You can find books and bestsellers on a variety of topics. By analyzing user data, you can find out in advance the completion rate or expected reading time.

Millie Viewer PC Download
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Millie Viewer PC main function

  • Millie Viewer offers a free subscription feature when you first sign up, allowing you to use various services for free.
  • You can check out the latest bestsellers, newly published books, etc.
  • When using the PC viewer, you can set convenient functions by changing the background color or setting notifications.
  • You can select and read books on a variety of topics, including language, stocks, humanities, novels, sports, and comics.
  • Through data analyzing the user’s reading patterns, you can check the completion rate of the book, estimated time, etc.
  • You can use the audiobook function to listen to the book through your device, such as PC or mobile.
  • If you have no history of use after payment, you can cancel at any time.

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